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Consultations on taxation



There are many countries which do not require payment of income tax on the company's profit if it has been earned outside the country of foundation. There is also no accounting for companies in zero tax rate countries, only a fixed annuity is to be paid. It makes the maintenance of these companies easy and inexpensive. The most popular ones of these countries are the British Virgin Islands, Belize, Panama and Hong Kong.

Several countries offer a lower income tax rate than average. Further, some countries offer exemption from income tax on received dividends and other financial profit. The most popular one of such countries is Cyprus. Companies in Great Britain can also be reliable partners. In case of such companies, an annual report and a balance sheet shall be submitted and the income tax shall be paid.

Ask for an offer!We will try to find the most suitable country and a lawful solution to the clients' problems.

Offshore countries

  1. Offshore Belize
  2. Offshore British Virgin Islands
  3. Offshore Nevis
  4. Offshore Panama
  5. Offshore Gibraltar
  6. Offshore South Africa
  7. Offshore Seychelles
  8. Offshore Hong Kong
  9. Offshore Canada
  10. Offshore Great Britain

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