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What is offshore


An offshore company is a company that is registered in a low or zero tax rate jurisdiction or country. Contrary to popular belief, offshore companies are not illegal, but can help you reduce your tax expenses. Offshore companies are common in trade and mediation activities, property management and shipping. Offshore companies are founded in countries that offer, in addition to the aforesaid, confidential property management and have a flexible and simple commercial code.

Suntiger International is a company with long experience. We have been active in establishing offshore companies since 1992. Our advantages are long-term cooperation with many founders of offshore companies in different countries around the world and the ability to find lawful solutions to clients’ wishes. Foundation of offshore companies requires thorough knowledge and attention, and Suntiger International will help you in every possible way.
Countries and prices

Offshore companies – convenience and advantages

We have carefully selected more than 10 countries where foundation of companies is

  1. easy
  2. quick
  3. with beneficial taxation and
  4. minimal or no accounting

The most popular jurisdictions for foundation of offshore companies are the British Virgin Islands, Belize, Panama, but also Great Britain. Our clients’ full confidentiality is guaranteed. We prefer personal approach in communication with our clients to ensure mutual trust and full benefit. In addition, we offer FREE CONSULTATION for finding the best solutions to specific problems.

Offshore companies – registration in a day

Suntiger International offers you the possibility to become an owner of an offshore company in just one day. Such foundation is possible in Panama. In other countries such as Great Britain, the Republic of South Africa, Cyprus etc. it takes up to two weeks to formalize all documents.
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We keep your information 100% protected and guarantee you full security in transaction
of affairs. Pay taxes within reason – establish an offshore company with Suntiger International!

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